Death Valley 2005
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These are the Pictures and Videos from Tom and Gabriel's (Father-Son) trip to Death Valley.  It was supposed to be a camping trip, but the weather interfered.  Looking back I can't imagine the added complications of camping having made the trip any more fun.  

We had a great time with the Hudson's and the Gallagher's.  Gabriel kept asking me all the way home if we could stay on Vacation  "for ever and ever and ever".  But only if we could pick up mommy first and bring her with us.

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43630021.jpg (545706 bytes)Mosaic Canyon Hike. 43630022.jpg (807488 bytes)
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43630033.jpg (570902 bytes)Hike to the Sand Dunes for Lunch! 43630034.jpg (713784 bytes)
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43630042.jpg (289813 bytes) 43630043.jpg (406814 bytes)Ranger Check in Station
43630044.jpg (281312 bytes) 43630045.jpg (420527 bytes)Looking up the Canyon Walls at Badwater for the Sea Level Sign!
43630046.jpg (186308 bytes)Zoomed in! 43630047.jpg (289018 bytes)
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43630055.jpg (325091 bytes) 43630057.jpg (455790 bytes)BADWATER - Lowest Point in the Cont. US.  Now your going places!
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43630061.jpg (364288 bytes) 43630064.jpg (654191 bytes)Ridgecrest - At the Park Sunday Morning.
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Now for the Vids!

Sand Dunes Video


Badwater Video


Badwater Video No 2


Park in Ridgecrest: